Nia Brown talks about getting a breast reduction procedure done

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There are a number of reasons why people have changes made to their body. Sometimes it is for cosmetic reasons, and sometimes the reasons are medical. On her show titled #TheShakeDown, host Nia Brown, along with her co-host Mthaux and a medical professional, Dr. Khanyile discussed Nia’s decision to have a breast reduction procedure done.

Nia has been complaining about experiencing back pain due to the weight of her breasts, this lead her to consider getting a breast reduction. Before going under the knife, Nia and Mthaux decided to call on their resident doctor, Dr.Khanyile.

As for the problems having larger breasts could cause, Dr.Khanyile first notes that,

“it can be anything from back and neck pain, to actual spinal changes that occur because of the carriage of the weight.”

The weight could also cause symptoms such as sleep apnea or difficulty breathing when sleeping on their back, due to the weight pressing down on one’s chest.

So having large breasts might not be related to scoliosis, but girls who’ve had large breasts, especially from a young age can have changes to their spine because of the weight. Even though it would not form part of what could cause scoliosis.

Although Dr.Khanyile herself is not a surgeon, she does recommend that those interested in reducing their breasts surgically, “need to be counselled fully about the risks and the procedure itself.”

The surgeon needs to inform you as to where they will make the incisions, because in some cases a good amount of skin tissue is removed and that can lead to scaring on a larger scale. So it’s suggested that you get to know how things would look after the procedure.To get to the point of procedure, you would first be counseled to try other solutions, such as supportive bras and back braces. Also like before any other surgical procedure; they will inquire about your allergies, your medical history and any pre-existing conditions you may have in your family.

The recovery process can take from 4 to 6 weeks before you are fully active and nimble. It is to be mentioned that you will be prescribed antibiotics for the recovery period.

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