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todayJanuary 13, 2020 18

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For those who won’t be going “Back to school” anytime before February but will soon be the “new kid on the block” at varsity, here are a few must-haves/ must-dos to get you varsity ready.

  1. There is no shame in repeating clothes – Everyone struggles with the “what to wear today?” question. 3 pairs of pants, a skirt or 2 (for the ladies) and at least 4 tops will have you sorted for longer than you could think. But please keep clean, no one likes a stuffy lecture room.

For a step in the right direction, check out Khay Republik‘s “University wardrobe essentials” video.

  1. Eat skhaftin without shame – Buying food every day is can be very expensive and this also prevents any sort of health issues caused by eating fast food on a daily.
  2. If there is a downloadable version of your textbooks, do make use of this – Save some racks and get the digital copy as it possibly costs much less than the physical one.
  3. Make it a habit to greet everyone – no matter what position they hold. Be it security guard, grounds staff, lecturer, your crush or even the girl that bombs you anyway. There will definitely be a day where you need help and one of these people could be your saving grace.

  1. When living at res, make sure to pack healthcare and first aid supplies. The day you catch flu you may not be able to make the long trip home just to treat yourself. Over the counter medicine like pain killers and cough syrups come in handy. Also the likes of plasters, mosquito bite ointments and vitamins are essential.

For res living students, ZeeXOnline‘s “UNI ACCOMMODATION: All you need to know!” video has you covered with all your dos and don’ts.

Stay safe, enjoy and have a responsible and memorable experience.

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