Here’s a full-proof way to actually slay your resolutions

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Another year in, another year of partaking in the annual ritual of setting New Year’s Resolutions. People who follow through with their resolutions seem like they have their lives together, right?

Sure, they do but only because it’s possible. Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi encouraged us to “Take Up space” and she does so elegantly. So here’s a guideline on how you can and make 2020 your best year yet!

Step One: Vision boards

Vision boards are exactly what they say they are, a visual representation of your goals and a display of what you want in life. Now the process of creating a vision board is the best part of it, after achieving your goals of course. Setting out your plans and goals and exploring your creative side in decorating and creating your vision board with magazine cut-outs, pinning photos, quotes, etc.. One thing to remember is that your vision board should not only consist of material goals, but emotional goals too from combatting depression or rekindling and mending relationships. When done creating your vision board, hang up the piece of art in an area that you will come across daily to remind you of your goals.

Step Two: Make it a habit

DYK that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit?

Ever heard of the 21/90 rule? The 21/90 rule is a popular method to build good habits. The rule is pretty simple enough, it requires you to set either a personal or professional goal for 21 days straight. After three weeks, the pursuit of that goal should have become a habit. Once you’ve established that habit, you continue to do it for another ninety days. So, that gym schedule only needs 3 weeks to get into your veins, and after that following it will almost be “automatic”.

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Ryun

Step Three: Find a digital companion

You don’t have to do it alone. The world of 4IR gifts us with digital companions that we can use to help take on our resolutions. Apps are efficient and there’s one for almost everything.  Here’s a few lists we recommend you try out:

  • Nike Run Club – has the tools you need to run better, including GPS run tracking; audio guided runs; weekly, monthly and custom distance challenges; customized coaching plans for your goals; and nonstop motivation from your friends.
  • Evernote (Free / Web, Android, iOS) Evernote is a popular note-taking and goal-tracking app that can be synced across your other devices. You can record your thoughts and notes, upload and save photos, audio files, bookmarks, and any type of reference materials all in one place. It also features an in-app chat box that lets you instant-message coworkers in real time.
  • Habit List – Habit List lets you track your habits through streaks, which show how many times in a row you’ve completed that habit. You can create flexible schedules, reorder your lists and mark different habits for different days. You can also toggle between the calendar and stats view.

Step Four: Take it easy, jo.

Lastly, research has shown that people let go of their New Years resolutions just after a week. The important thing to note is that you are human and that slip ups may happen, but remember to not let one slip-up derail your entire year. If you give into temptation or suddenly relapse into a old habits, don’t view it as a failure. The journey towards achieving your goals is not a simple or light one,  there will always be challenges and hiccups. Instead, view relapses as learning opportunities.

Happy 20-Plenty! Enter it with the energy of the famous words of Bonang Matheba; “Re Tsene! We are within!”.


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