Are you Black Friday ready?

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The day you have been anxiously waiting all year for… Black Friday is here. The latest hottest trends have you wanting things whether you need them or not, and what’s great is that this year, this wonderful weekend frenzy falls after payday.

Retailers countrywide are bracing themselves for the rush that is the Black Friday Sale Day. With that being said, here are a few tips and tricks to have you “Black Friday” ready.

  1. Do your research: You know what you want and it’s very possible that more than one retailer has the same item on sale. It’s best for you to surf the net and compare prices so you find the best deals prior to you buying whatever it is you are looking for. This could help you maximize savings.
  2. Online shopping could be your best friend: Many people prefer to analyze a product at face value. But shops will be full and queues long on this specific Friday. So for convenience and efficiency, shop online.
  3. Have the Ad post on hand: Its possible to find items at the store at a different price to that which was advertised. For additional bargaining power, print out the advertised piece.
  4. Have a budget: Everything is on sale, everything. Food, clothes, hair, gadgets even cars. When you don’t have a budget, you could find yourself spending on things you don’t even need and end up with a bank balance that isn’t cute at all.
  5. Make a wishlist: Everyone wants to buy things online and it will take forever to search for what you want. Set a wishlist beforehand and therefore you can just check what’s on sale from the things you want.
  6. Get a shopping partner: Whether you are in-store or online, shopping with someone makes spotting the necessary deals easy. This could also decrease costs for delivery when shopping online.

Enjoy and good luck.

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