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Whilst in LA, our favourite moghel, Bonang Matheba’s interview with The Breakfast Club broke our internet.

Bonang’s trip to Murca proper put us in our feels, and while we’re busy catching FOMO, she’s busy catching awards.

Bonang Matheba recently travelled to America to fetch one of the newest and most coveted global entertainment awards. Moghel won the inaugural “African Influencer of the Year” award at the 45th annual E! People’s Choice Awards.

We also watched with glazed eyeballs as Bonang hung out with her bestie, Trevor Noah, and a long list of other influential people.

During Matheba’s Breakfast Club interview, Charlamagne Tha God mentions that her app has collected about 780 000 users, and asks her how much the subscription is, Bonang shares that it costs R60 per user.

Guyze, this means that if every user pays the subscription, the app makes R46 800 000 per month. And remember this is just one of her (older) ventures. Phew, it makes you wonder just how rich the hun is.

Here’s the full interview:


App creation 101

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of starting your own app, just know that it can cost up to R100k.

Well, at least that’s what software developer, Daniel Saungweme, told us:

A basic Android app starts from about R7000.

The kind of international standard for a simple mobile app is $10 000 – $12 000. Roughly give or take R130k – R160k.

Saungweme also tried to break down the process of creating an app with us:

  • Brainstorm your app idea
  • Create mockups of your app
  • Design the Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Design the Database
  • Build your app landing page
  • Write Business Logic
  • Launch the app in the App Store
  • Market your app to reach the right people
  • Improve your app with user feedback

For more info, contact him on:

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