The inside story of #1120Under5 and Nasty C

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Not all that makes news is newsworthy and the constant stream of content that clutters our screens contributes to most being oblivious to real, important issues.

KFC, as part of their ‘Add Hope’ initiative, decided to break through the clutter and bring attention to something important by partnering with some of SA’s favourite personalities to ‘drop #1120Under5’ and make it trend on social media.

Many assumed #1120Under5 was a new song, plenty thought it was an album, a notable amount of people supposed it was a fashion line.

#1120Under5 is a stat!

Every year 1120 children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition. KFC South Africa’s Add Hope initiative, alongside Nasty C and other influential public figures, is part of a movement that is trying to reduce that statistic to ZERO.

Food security is said to exist, in accordance with its international definition, when in a society all people at all times have enough food to lead an active, healthy life. It is through initiatives like Add Hope that we’ve seen South Africa, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2017 Global Food Security Index, move to the top of the list as the most food secure country in Sub-Saharan Africa, but wait, the work is not done just yet.

According to Stats SA (2015) a staggering 13,8 million people live in extreme poverty with the most vulnerable being children. It is plausible that every South African should, to their best ability, ensure that no child ever goes hungry.

Log on to www.1120under5.com to see how you can make your pledge to the KFC Add Hope initiative.

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