Author: Botlhale Satsha

2020 had many reshuffling their home ‘comfort zones’ into workspaces […]

COVID-19 had many countries closing their borders in the wake […]

The temperature is rising, flowers are blooming and the bees […]

Whether your fighters are toying with your hearts or dishing […]

Coming to you live and direct from #YMornings, Kandis Kardashian […]

Your faves have been busy and YMornings’ Kandis Kardashian has […]

Qubula Ziyasha! There is no time to feel jaded when […]

While the digital age has enabled us to connect with […]

HEY, HEY, HEY! Our unverified Kardashian has an announcement. The […]

Your faves keep falling sideways as though they don’t know […]

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