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AKA has healed?

AKA just became the first person in the world to recover from COVID-19 in only 4 days!

According to the SAMA award winner, he experienced his first symptoms on the 2nd of July and even went as far as providing proof.

Kiernan says he tested positive for the virus on the 10th of July and around midday yesterday he was healed! Twitter trolls called him out and said it was impossible… Afterall they’re all doctors, right?

Super Mega… Did the government tender brief not state that there has to be a 14 days grace period before sharing the ‘good’ news?


Subs fired

There’s nothing quite like a social media sub to make your point huh? This seems to be what’s happening between Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali.

Enhle took to the gram to reflect on how far she’s come after parting ways with ex-husband and how she tested positive for the rona.

”People lie in your names sake. They will cheat, mistreat you, allow others to mistreat you only because you give them permission.”

Black Coffee clearly caught his sub, commenting “seek help… please.”



Chrissy Teigen just blocked a million people on twitter for ‘harassing’ her!

Following a story that broke about her and John Legend’s alleged association with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, which Chrissy VEHEMENTLY denies! She says she fears for her family after Twitter  conspiracy theorists blew up her feed with ‘conjured-up lies.’ She later deleted 60K tweets that could link her to Jeffrey Epstein. A tweet from 2013 about a kiddies pageant had been dug up and she states that trolls were trying to make it seem like she’s a paedophile.



Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Canon has been fired from ‘his’ hit show WildNOut.

Nick has been hosting the show for years but Viacom gave him the boot after he made anti-Semitic comments and basically said black people are better than white people. He is fighting back and stated that nothing is new as Viacom has been racist that they even banned all George Floyd ads.

Viacom said they removed the ads as it would be inappropriate and insensitive to fire them during a comedy troll show such as WildNOut.

Nick is beginning the process to fight for ownership of the show as he says he came up with the idea and made the show iconic!

Nick Canon has now released an apology.

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