The Shakedown try sugar waxing their armpits | Super wince-worthy

todayMay 5, 2020 10

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The Shakedown attempt sugar waxing also know as “sugaring,” on-air.

Nia Brown and Mthaux are a pair of crazy envelope-pushers – this we know.

But we rarely ever know just how far they plan to push it…

Recently, the duo realised that they had grown quite a bit of unwanted hair and unfortunately, couldn’t get professional waxing services, because lockdown…

…so they decided to search for online home waxing remedies and do it at work (on-air). Sigh.

Is sugar waxing better than normal waxing?

Apparently the process isn’t as painful but pretty effective and the recipe is quick to prepare.

Sugar waxing “is definitely better for sensitive skin, as it is all-natural and attaches more to the hair and less to the skin, making it less painful,” says Shobha Tummala, founder and owner of a full-service hair removal salon.

Putting the (very little) pain aside, there are a few benefits to sugar waxing;

  • You can do it from home
  • Everything you need for the wax is in your kitchen cupboard
  • Organic
  • Less painful than ordinary waxing
  • It’s easy (YouTube is all the training you need)

So this is what #TheShakedown meant to do:

And this is what they did…



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